Amocali, A.C.- Campo Limpio is a civil association representing more than 250 agrochemical and related companies, grouping manufacturers, formulators and distributors, agricultural packaging, pest controllers, agribusiness, aerofumigation tracks, transporters, farmers associations and livestock farmers, etc.
The objective is the practice and culture of the technique of triple washing, collection, compaction and shipping to final destination empty agrochemical bottles. It is governed by a Management Plan for Empty Containers of products for the protection of crops and related crops registered with SEMARNAT and the guidelines of the FAO Code of Conduct.

  • Campo Limpio

Protección de Cultivos, Ciencia y Tecnología, A.C., is the leading association representative of the Industry of Science of the Protection of Crops in Mexico. Our sector, as an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible industry, is committed to a more competitive Mexico, promoting good agricultural practices, supporting farmers with programs for their productivity and more effective products that are friendly to the environment. According to the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), without the correct control of pests, agricultural production would decrease between 20 and 40%, promoting the use of modern technology to maximize crops.


The Unión Mexicana de Fabricantes y Formuladores de Agroquímicos, A.C. (UMFFAAC) is a Civil Association formed by Mexican Businessmen that promote the development of the pesticides and fertilizers industry, to contribute to the development of sustainable and profitable agriculture, as well as to achieve food security. 

The companies associated with the UMFFAAC carry out activities of synthesis and formulation of pesticides and fertilizers while promoting the development of other related companies such as packaging, raw materials or other inputs applied to agrochemicals, distributors and distributors of pesticides , etc.

JRB Overview

Founded in 1995 , Jiangsu Rotam Boxmore Packaging Co. Ltd is a joint venture of Rotam Group and Boxmore International PLC (U.K, a branch of Chesapeake Co.) and Jiangsu Agrochemical Group. JRB has state-of-the-art blow-moulding equipment from Krupp(Germany) and uses the patented "in-line fluorination" technology to produce a wide range of fluorinated HDPE containers and provide complete packaging solutions for chemicals.

The partnership with JRB helps to offer well-designed award-winning product packaging for Rotam products distributed around the world.


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